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Ammo Mig

Paint application has long been one of the biggest challenges for modelers. Many modelers have ruined several models due to the use of poor quality or inadequate varnishes for the job at hand, and the point is that the varnishing process is an extremely important stage of construction. For the first time, AMMO is releasing a complete range of varnishes to ensure excellent results on any model.

These acrylic varnishes will make it very easy to get the best results with both brush and airbrush. It must be applied in thin coats and can be applied directly from the jar without thinning to achieve a perfect finish. If using an airbrush, we recommend spraying at a distance of 15 cm from the surface. The varnish is non-toxic and odorless and dries completely in 24 hours.

This new range of varnishes has been carefully developed over a long period of time to provide the modeler with perfect results every time. Don't take any chances, use LUCKY VARNISH, a winning product that will rule out any mishaps that may occur when using regular varnishes. Available in all the usual finishes used in scale modeling, from high gloss to matte finish.

Easy to use and simple to clean. Amazing transparent finishes for all models and accurate for all objects. Will not yellow or change colors. Ideal for both brush and airbrush.

1. Using an airbrush, apply with light and short passes at 17 psi (1.2 bar) air pressure

2. Allow to dry for at least 5 minutes between coats. DO NOT flood the surface.

Clean with A.MIG-2000 acrylic thinner or water.