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ITALERI 1/35 T-34/85 ZAVOD 183 (6545)


T-34 Soviet medium tank produced in 1941-1958 (initially at the Kharkov Steamship Factory). It was the basic tank on the equipment of the armored forces in the Soviet army in 1941-1945. The name T-34 referred to 1934 when one of the designers Mikhail Koshkin began to formulate the design of the future tank, and also to celebrate the decree referring to the increase of armored forces.

In January 1940, two prototypes were completed, which traveled a 2,000-kilometer route leading from Kharkov to Moscow and on to the Mannerheim Line (this was a demonstration for the USSR leadership). This route was very exhausting for the T-34, as the average inter-renovation mileage did not exceed 200 km, but this was considered sufficient considering that the average life of a tank on a font was about 66 km (1942 average). This was the armored vehicle with the largest number of units produced during the war (up to 1,200 units came off the line every month).

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Plastic model to be glued together by Italeri. The kit does not include paint and glue.


  • Manufacturer: Italeri
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Part number: 6545

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A bit of history in the video:

T-34 in action: