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GLOBE BLADE 300*25*0.60/24/8 (BP115-0300-0003)
GLOBE BLADE 300*25*0.60/24/8 (BP115-0300-0003)
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GLOBE BLADE 300*25*0.60/24/8 (BP115-0300-0003)
GLOBE BLADE 300*25*0.60/24/8 (BP115-0300-0003)

GLOBE BLADE 300*25*0.60/24/8 (BP115-0300-0003)


A blade from the renowned Polish company Globus-Lime.


  • used for straight and curved cutting of iron alloys, non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood
  • wide double-sided blades
  • correct tension of the blade prevents running off the cutting line
  • designed for manual frames


  • made of high quality German tool steel Carbon STEEL
  • milled teeth with the use of special worm milling cutters allow to obtain toothing of proper and properly selected geometry
  • the process of shaping the toothing, also known as waving, ensures smooth operation of the blade and eliminates the phenomenon of toothing jamming during cutting
  • fully monitored process of induction hardening of blades guarantees proper hardness and flexibility of toothing, which prevents their breaking during cutting
  • equipped with two types of serrations: for cutting steel details and non-ferrous metals, and a special tooth with a larger pitch for cutting wood


  • total length: 310 mm
  • distance between mounting holes: 280-300 mm

The store offers an original frame from Globus Wapiennica.