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Milliput is a two-component epoxy putty.

Superfine White Milliput is specially formulated for the refinishing of porcelain and ceramics where a fine finish is desired. Milliput also allows the restoration of missing parts.
Superfine White Milliput is considered one of the best materials available for ceramic restorations.

After mixing equal amounts of each stick, the resulting putty is initially soft and very adhesive, and then gradually hardens. The rate of curing depends on the temperature, and at normal temperatures (20-25 degrees C) Milliput becomes rock-hard in three to four hours. By applying heat, the setting time can be shortened.

Milliput is an excellent adhesive and glues any of the following to itself or to others - wood, brick, cement, metals, concrete, plastics, glass, etc., but note that Milliput is not designed for thin-film bonding. Milliput solidifies under water and can withstand temperatures up to 130°C.

At all stages, from initial mixing to final setting, Milliput reacts to the use of water. To facilitate handling and avoid sticking, fingers and tools should be moistened with water. In some cases, the work can be done in a gentle stream of water under the tap. For a smooth finish, mold or apply Milliput, then immediately wipe and smooth gently with a wet finger or damp cloth with a fine texture.

Typical application:

  • Ceramic restoration
  • Renovation of picture frames
  • Jewelry making
  • Modeling
  • Sculpting
  • UPVC repair and filling
  • Pool repairs
  • Chips, scratches and other imperfections in bathtubs, showers, sinks, tiles and white kitchen appliances


  • Manufacturer: Milliput
  • Product code: 005
  • Capacity: 113g