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Fine-Art FA-180X airbrush is a new design, characterized by a modern nozzle system mounting solution, which consists of 3 elements. The nozzle has been deprived of threads and does not need any gaskets in this system, so it is easy to clean and install, and the nozzle cover has a very wide flange as a result of which the flying paint does not settle on it. The FA-180X is a versatile dual action airbrush featuring a permanently integrated paint cup at the top with an additional cover to prevent paint leakage. The Dual Action trigger controls both airflow and the amount of paint fed, allowing you to adjust line width, amount and clarity of paint without interrupting painting.

Technical specifications:

  • airbrush type: dual action
  • paint feeding: gravitational
  • nozzle type: screw-in
  • nozzle diameter: 0.20 mm
  • working pressure: 15 - 50 PSI
  • tank capacity: 9 cm3
  • air connection thread: 1/8"