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ADLER AEROGRAPH 0,2 mm + 0,3 mm ( AD-7781 )


Model AD-7781 is a professional airbrush for advanced users. Perfect for painting requiring high precision. It allows you to precisely control the paint stream.

The paint is mixed with air inside the airbrush. The amount of paint and air is infinitely adjustable. With the dual-function trigger button, you adjust the amount of air (by pressing the button), and the amount of paint being sprayed (by pulling the button back). It has a rear needle stroke adjustment and built-in infinite air pressure adjustment.

Top-fed aerograph. The large reservoir is permanently connected to the body of the airbrush. It has a lid to prevent paint from spilling out.

Included with the AD-7781 airbrush are an additional nozzle and 0,3 mm needle, a Christmas tree tip for direct plugging into the cable, an airbrush key.

Technical specifications:

  • Nozzle diameter: 0.2 / 0.3 mm
  • Working pressure: 1~3.5 bar
  • Tank capacity: 13 cm3
  • Air connection thread: 1/8 "Z